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Bad Credit Payday Loans: It’s OK to be Qualified!

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This task is not as difficult as it seems! You can easily get a poor credit payday loan online via our website. We’ll match you with the company that approves cash advances based on more factors than the client’s score.

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Basic Knowledge about Poor Credit Payday Loans

People take out short-term cash advances and then fail to pay them off in time. This can be due to a variety of reasons, and the outcome of such situations is always the same – the borrower’s credit history becomes poor. As a result, it becomes much more difficult for him to obtain a new cheap payday loan, because lenders feel doubtful about whether he’ll repay his new debt. It’s easier for lenders to work with ‘reliable’ clients only, avoiding those who seem to be ‘risky’.

Naturally, there are certain companies that do provide borrowers with payday loans for poor credit. But they protect themselves by adding extra fees to the standard percentage rate. Thus, such cash advances are more expensive that the ones offered to the clients, whose score is all right.

If your history is poor, you may get rejected for a guaranteed payday loan by a number of lenders, and that’s ok. Eventually, you’ll surely find the company that is ready to offer you the sum you need, though at less favorable terms. But this way may be the best solution in an emergency financial situation.

What Is a Bad Credit Loan Actually?

To put it simply, it is quite an expensive microcredit. If you take out, for example, an online payday loan of $100 for the term of two weeks, it will cost you no less than $10. If the sum increases up to $200, the total amount you’ll have to repay by the end of the credit term will be $230-$240.

The level of overpayment depends also on the credit term: the longer you use the money, the greater your loan charge. For instance:

  • if you borrow $600 at the rate of 20%, in a month you’ll have to repay as much as $720 (600*1.2).
  • if you extend the term of this no teletrack payday loan, the credit cost will increase up to $840.

As you see, the fees are quite impressive here – just because of your poor score.

Ways You Can Ruin Your Credit Score:
  • Take out a long-term cash advance and run out of time with the scheduled payments.
  • Take out a quick payday loan and fail to repay it within the period required.
  • End up in a situation where your credit is passed to a debt collection agency.
  • Open too many credit cards all at the same time.
  • Open a credit card without having a sustainable employment.
  • Ignore your recurring bills, including medical, tuition, rental ones, etc.
  • Lose your real property assets due to foreclosure, and so on.
  • Ask your bank to increase your credit card limit.

How to Get a Bad Credit Payday Loan?

You may spend a pretty period of time looking for a lender if you have a poor credit score. Many of the lenders will reject your application. But if you really need an online payday loan you’ll surely find a reliable company to borrow from.

In order to not waste time searching for the necessary lender, use our service to be matched with the most suitable lender from your state, many of which are ready to provide you with a bad credit payday loan online.

Having a wide choice of direct lenders from all over the country, we will easily select the one who works with poor history consumers. 100% of today’s financial organizations do assess their clients’ credit score and our lenders are no exception. But they do this check in order to determine the conditions and terms of the quick payday loan with bad credit that can be granted to you.

Note: When filling out our request form, please, remember that there are many factors influencing the lenders’ decision. For instance, you may be rejected for a payday loan of $500, while the same lender will be happy to give you $300. A comparable situation may be observed with the credit period: you can be approved for a two week’s cash advance, but refused when you want to get the same money for a month. All in all, credit terms and the interest vary from lender to lender, and all that you have to do is to find the one with the best conditions for your personal needs.

How to Take Out a Guaranteed Loan for Poor Credit?

You need to go through three steps:

1. Fill out the request form on our website

Specify only valid and actual data, so that our lenders could see that you’re a reliable borrower. Besides, remember that in order to get a small payday loan for bad credit, you should meet the following requirements:

  1. Be no younger than 18 years old.
  2. Be a USA resident and work in the same country.
  3. Possess a valid bank account.
  4. Have a certain level of minimum income.
2. Be matched with the lender who can provide you with a bad credit loan
Be matched with the lender who can provide you with a bad credit loan.
3. Get your money
It’s also very easy: the money will be transmitted to your bank account within 24 hours after you’ve e-signed the agreement with the chosen lender. Start using it as soon as you want!

Advantages of our system:

  • Up to $1000 online payday loans for bad credit
  • 100% safety of your personal data
  • Direct lender form all over the country
  • No collateral and no guarantor needed
  • All our services are free of charge
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How to Improve Your Score?

The only best variant here is to pay off all of your bills in due time. Be it tuition charges, utility fees, satellite TV taxes, monthly ISP charges or medical bills – avoid debts at all accounts. It’s the only way to show a lender that you’re a reliable borrower, who will surely repay a payday loan in due time. Even if you had some credit troubles in prior years, your current accuracy in respect of monthly bills will do you a favour. Having considered your application, most lenders will consider you a reliable client, shove all your previous debts aside, and offer you better terms of poor credit payday loans online.

Up score with short-term loans

One more way of improving your score is taking out a new cash advance. But you should be very careful with such measures. The thing is that if you don’t manage to repay this microcredit in time, your score will become even worse.

Thus, it’s wiser to get a small/quick payday loan, not an installment or a personal one and repay the whole amount plus interest at a prescheduled time.

For instance, you can borrow $100 for the period of 14 days. Even if the percentage rate is as high as 20%, by the end of these two weeks you’ll have to pay back $120, which is quite manageable. But don’t fail with this small payday cash advance…

Remember about Bad Credit Loans:
  • Generally, they are provided for a shorter period of time;
  • They may be more expensive than the credits offered to clients with a good score;
  • Late repayments often result in extra charges and penalties;
  • Moreover, late payments will make your credit score even worse;
  • It’s advised to apply to bad credit payday loans in urgent cases only;
  • Do not use new microcredits to repay your current debts;
  • Pay off your small monetary loan in time and your credit score will increase, and vice versa.


All in all, if you find yourself in an emergency financial situation, but your credit score is poor, there are no real obstacles to get a fast payday loan. Fill out our request form, and you’ll be matched with a reliable lender ready to provide you with the necessary sum.