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Rates & Fees

The services of are free of charge. We do not take any fees for completing our application form and submitting a request. You can use the services of our website and be matched with the most suitable direct lenders of your region without any charge. You can make as many queries as you need – every next submission is toll-free, too. Besides, we do not charge for contacting the specialists of our client service and the lenders you’ve been matched with.

Even if you refuse to borrow a payday loan from the company you are offered (you may find the loan terms unsuitable for you or the circumstances may change), everything remains free of charge. You can talk to the lender, ask him about his credit conditions, study the agreement he offers to sign and then change your mind – you are not under obligation until you’ve e-signed the document. Everything is free and transparent.

As for the fees associated with payday loans online, the specialists of our website do not have access to this information. We cannot answer the questions concerning the annual percentage rates, as well as various charges and penalties foreseen by the lenders of our network. All this data will be specified in the lending agreement you will receive from the chosen lender. Take time to study it properly well, and if you still have any questions concerning fast payday loans, get in touch with the company you are going to borrow from by phone. Ask your lender about all the aspects of his loans in due time, before you sign the agreement.

Rates and Fees in Different States

The lender you’ve been matched with can ultimately determine his unique rates, fees, and late payment penalties associated with online payday loans. Nevertheless, there are certain state-based rules and regulations concerning all types of microcredits, and modern companies have to adhere to them. These norms are different in different states, and it is important for everyone to know the rates and fees permitted in his\her place of living. Before obtaining a quick payday loan, please, make sure the lender you’ve chosen has agreed to adhere to the existing norms and regulations. Check this data in the document he has sent to you or ask him this question directly.

In order to help you determine the maximum loan amounts and annual percentage rates permitted in different states of the USA, we’ve prepared the following table. Here you can find your place of living and familiarize yourself with the rates and fees allowed there, as well as different additional notes. Make sure the lender you are going to borrow from takes these figures into account.

Outstanding Issues

All the problems associated with small loans are resolved, as a rule, in concordance with the norms and regulations in force on the territory of your state. We strongly recommend you to gain a better insight into the aspects and conditions of the loans offered by the members of our networking in due time, before you obtain the money. Please, remember, that payday loans online are limited to $1,000 and they must be paid back within 30 days after signing the agreement. The money is repaid in one payment plus interest, without any splitting.

Consequences of Late Payment and Non-Payment

If you see that you won’t be able to repay your payday loan in due time, please, do your best to contact the company you’ve borrowed from as soon as possible. Explain your circumstances to the lender. Your lender may have several variants of what to do with the client who cannot pay back. He may set penalties, extend the loan term or choose another course of actions. In most cases, the firms working in our network impose delinquency charges in accordance with the existing state provisions. In order to get additional data on this issue you can study your loan agreement or contact your lender directly.

It is important to note that if the total amount of your online payday loan is up to $500, the costs associated with it will vary from 15% to 40%. For the loans amounting to $500 – $1,000 this figure is even higher. Do not forget that your lender can impose additional late payment fees and the insufficient fund fees, which is not forbidden by state regulations. For instance, he can charge you $20 as the insufficient fund fee and 15% as the late payment fee. Make sure you’ve studied the agreement carefully and know all these financial implications before you obtain the money.

Collection Procedures

Normally, the companies working in our network do not sell their clients’ debts to third-party collection agencies. They try their best to handle the situation by peaceful means and collect the borrower’s debt by their own forces. They get in touch with the client using different channels (phone, email, text messages, and so on) and discuss the problem and the ways of its solving. For instance, the lenders we represent may offer a debtor to repay his loan within a longer period of time. Take into account that the members of our networking must follow the requirements of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, which protects borrowers from debt collectors.